best walking shoes for overweight walkers

7 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

Overweight is an emerging problem for men and women nowadays. If you are suffering from it then you should think of those ways to cope with the issue. Best walking shoes for overweight walkers help alleviate the load to prevent and reduce the chances of injuries.

The use of improper shoes on other hand can make your issue more complicated. During walking, proper shoes would be a great step for you to improve your health. Thus opting for the best shoes would be your own responsibility to handle it in a proper way.

 In this article we are going to help you for knowing and choosing the right shoes for overweight walkers.

How to select the best shoes for overweight walkers?

You can get puzzled if you are in hast or know nothing about the shoes and footwear industry. However, by considering the following factors you would be able to know how to opt for the right pair of best walking shoes for overweight walkers

Proper Cushioning

This feature adds stability and helps absorb impacts while moving. It protects your foot and reduces the chances of joint problems.


You must check whether the shoes have to be large enough to fit your feet. In the case of improper fit, it can put pressure on your feet which untimely caused pains and other foot problems.


While choosing the best shoes for overweight walkers you should check out the support system of selected shoes. It is of immense importance while you facing the problems such as arch and overpronation.

Light-weight and flexibility

During walking you need those shoes having lightweight. It helps ease you to move on. Flexibility adds value to it and makes you relaxed.


The feature of breath-ability decreases the amount of heat and helps in keeping the foot cool. You can walk for long distance with those shoes having best breathe system.

If you considers the features carefully it will ease you work to select the best shoes in the huge variety and industry of foot wear.

Review: 7 Best walking shoes for overweight walkers

We have included a list of best shoes for overweight walker after a careful consideration. This list will make it more easier for you what would be the perfect and best shoes for you.

1. Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

After consulting the set standard now you should look at the recommended shoes for yourself one by one. It is a super-comfy pair for you and a non-athletic one.

It has the best features such as soft and commutable interior. It included excellent cushioning technology and could be declared the best cushioned walking shoes. It has a lightweight shoe which is very helpful during walking. Its design is simple. It is a comfortable and high-quality shoes for overweight walkers.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Best cushioning system
  • Flexible outsole
  • Slip-on comfy design without any laces
  • Simple design with no pop-ups
  • Smooth faux leather breathable upper
  • Full-length memory foam insole
  • Durable
  • High-quality materials
  • Having no wide sizes
  • Not recommended for severe pronators due to arch support system

2. Propet Stability Walker

It is too the recommended shoe for you while suffering from an overweight issue during walking. The sole reason to pick this shoe is it improves the quality of heavy walkers’ lives.

It supports your weight. It deals the foot problems in a better way such as joints pains and overpronation. It is the best walking shoes for heavy female It price, high quality material makes it easier for all to get used to it.

  • Standard materials
  • comfortable
  • Adjustable on all surfaces
  • Low and best price
  • Removable footbed
  • Designed with a wider forefoot for a stable stride.
  • Locked-in feels.
  • Approved by Medical Associateion
  • Having not variety of colors
  • Not a well know brand

 3. New Balance M990V4

The new balance ranked third on our priority list for you.  It is offered both for males and females. Its extra width is great for large feet. It is available in different sizes.

This shoe is featured with lightweight, best cushioning and support system. It is best walking shoes for heavy female.

New balance keeps pressure off of the toes and gives the back of the foot space. It increases the amount of room, especially for the forefoot and heel.

  • Cushioning
  • Best support system
  • Lightweight
  • Wide and roomy
  • Susceptible to water damages
  • Rubber can cause a bit strange odor in the beginning

4. Brooks Adrenaline  

It is the perfect shoes for overweight walkers specifically designed for those people suffering from plantar fasciitis and overpronation. This shoe having removable insoles. It has a soft interior that cannot cause odor and sweating.  It has an amazing support system.

It is a lightweight shoe for you. It is featured with best breathable system. It is one of the relaxed shoes for you being an injury-free experience.

Since Brooks Adrenaline is built specifically to help people suffering from plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and other kinds of foot pains and problems.

 Heavy walkers will surely love these stylish and comfy sneakers. It helps reduce your pain and problem associated to your feet.

  • Lightweight shoe
  • Wide toe-box
  • Best for both long and short distance
  • Removable insole
  • Best in the term of performance
  • Breathable shoe
  • Best pricing
  • Multiple colors
  • It runs a half size smaller than usual

5. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

It is famous and known brand. It has amazing fit of running shoes designed for the purpose of walking. It is best heavy-duty walking shoes for you.

Brooks featured with a slip-resistant sole, lightweight. It is designed for heavy-weight walkers in particular. It helps reduce the chances of turning inward as well as outward.  It makes you walk.

  • Lightweight
  • Removable sock liner
  • Specially designed for overweight
  • Approved by Medicare
  • High-quality material
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Progressive promotion control
  • Price is a bit high
  • Not too attractive design

6.  Nike Free 5.0  

Nice free is too Best walking shoes for overweight walkers. It is available in both models for men and women. It is very helpful shoes during movement.

It is constructed from synthetic material that is lightweight and comfortable. Although, it has less cushioning but having comfort.  Nike free increases the balance while reduces the pains associated to feet.

  • Enough flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort-ability
  • Advanced materials
  • Reduce pressure on feet
  • Soles can scuff easily
  • Sizes tend to run small

 7. Adidas Performance Thrasher (Men and Women)

Adidas performance is a famous brand of shoes. It is the perfect shoes for overweight walkers. It has a thick rubber outsole. It has an adjustable design for different surfaces. It has an outstanding grip which is extremely helpful to upkeep balance. It is cushioned and roomy shoe.

It is made from synthetic construction to help manage the weight of the shoe, although this shoe will steel feel heavier than some other options. It suited for walking.

  • Adjustable to all surfaces
  • Breathable shoe
  • Flexible
  • Changeable insole if wished
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Susceptible to water damage
  • Comparatively heavier than other shoes


The huge industry of shoes and footwear offers a variety of shoes. Best walking shoes for overweight walkers are designed while keeping the need and requirements heavy walkers. You are aware of the features of perfect shoes as well as of the perfect pair. Now you can select the best one for yourself without any further confusion. You know the ideal shoes which suited you the best.

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