best shoes for doctors

6 Best shoes for doctors

Being a Doctor and a medical professional you need, shoes to support you for long hours during duty timing. The comfort, durability and protection against a hazard are the factors that contribute to your performance.

On other hand in the case of unsupportive shoes your performance would be negatively affected.

In this article, you will know about the best shoes for doctors and the review of shoes to guide you on the selection of proper shoes for your medical profession.

Features of best shoes for doctors

As a doctor and medical professional, you should consider the following features while searching for the best shoes for doctors.

Comfortable insole

The ever first thing for medical professionals would the comfortable insole. The cushioned soft sole add value to shoes in the term of comfort.


The durability of your shoes is of immense importance in the term of material and quality. Replacing your shoes on a regular basis could be costly, while you would go through the process again and again. Thus the best shoes for doctors must be featured with durability.


The lightweight resulted in foot fatigue and other foot problems i-e sore feet and pain etc. It also helps you in performing your long shift during duty timing. It is too supportive to move easily and fast.


Breathability is another attribute for you to consider for keeping your feet cool and dry when you are actively on your feet all day to prevent moisture and odor build-up.

Waterproof and water resistant

Waterproof and water-resistant shoes are viable for you being a medical professional. It helps ease your work as the water-resistant feature of the shoe does not need drying. 


Besides other feature arch support helps you to disperse your weight because the entire weight rests on your foot. While in the case of ignoring, it results in foot pain as Plantar Fasciitis.

Slip-on feature of it is also considerable. Because it can easily slip on and off, without touching it for hygiene.

A good gripping slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole is also the attribute of proper shoes for medical professionals. You would definitely be working on a slippery or wet floor at some or another stage of your career which results in slips and falls.

Here is the reviewed list of best shoes for doctors. You should go through it to see which one suited you the best.

Reviews 6 Best Shoes for Doctors

The shoes and footwear industry consist of a huge collection but we reviewed a list here for you. You should consult it and can view it in detail on Amazon. The following list could be the best shoes for surgeons. Being a medical professional you should select the best shoes for keeping in view your profession and job description.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Winder II

This shoe is best for male doctors. To consider its quality and the product it has full leather oil and slip-resistant. It is stylish and handy slip-on system.

Further it has Inner features includes, Memory Foam Cool Fit as well anti-compression insole. It is helpful for long hours during duty timing. It is best shoes for nurses too. It is recommended shoes for medical profession.

  • Bottom includes steal heel.
  • Very easy slip-on system
  • Stylish
  • Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining to control odor
  • Best tread design to prevent slipping
  • Only black color
  • Leather which take some time to wear-in
  • Possible blisters at the top of the heel from the shoe rubbing

2. Dockers Men’s Lawton Slip Resistant Dress Loafer Shoe

Dockers are comfortable shoes having an adjustable shape for your feet.  It adds durability and style. It has black in color with pure leather and a synthetic sole.

Dockers Men`s Lawton has instant slip resistant features. it is best shoes for healthcare workers.

  • Stylish
  • Slip resistance
  • Memory foam for instant resistant
  • NA

 3. Calzuro Clog

Calzuro is the best shoe for doctors. It is Italian-made shoes having rubber and totally latex-free. It also provides protection. It has a variety of colors. Its use allows doctors to use it according to their style. it has an amazing design. It is an easily put-on and removal system in which you could feel easy. It is the best shoes for pharmacists and medical professionals.

  • Simple and adjustable design
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy put on and removal
  • Supportive heel for fatigue protection
  • Cannot be use over time
  • Tight for wider feet
  • No ventilation for inside the rubber

4. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Dynamo Work Shoe

Dr. Scholl is a well-known name being a brand in the world of shoes. It is proper shoes for female medical professionals. It has pure imported leather with rubber sole, slip-resistant. It is very well suitable for the hospital environment and duty friendly.

Additional height can be added to it although it has two-inch heel already. It has a small gap between toe balls along with a large heel.

Its memory foam is proper fit featured with anti- compression sole which can help you for long hours during duty timing. It is best shoes for doctors and nurses.

  • Best shoe back relaxed in wearing.
  • Featured with Stain resistant
  • Proper height and can be added more as well
  • Laces free and slip-on
  • Decent price
  • Only available in black color
  • Lacking style and design
  • Leather can take time might to get blister

 5. Skechers Women’s Work Sure Track

The Skechers Women`s are the proper shoes for health professionals like with the Men`s shoe. It has leather upper that included liquid resistance. It is slip-resistant shoes and hospital friendly.

It is featured with style, a little bit casual having comfortable nature.

  • Having white and black colors
  • Integrated sole (1-inch)
  • To contact with, floor having large sole area
  • Simi sporty and semi dressy
  • Not too breathable as other shoes
  • Having relaxed fit seems too wide

6. Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe 

The Dansko is the well know product from Denmark available from three decades in the market. It combines style and comfort for you during your work. It is a bit expensive with full leather and rubber sole. It is spill-resistant and easy to keep clean with simple, and few wipes.

It is a slip-on shoe for you. Further it prevents foot fatigue and help strengthen your back muscle, cushioning and comfort during duty timing.

  • Slip-on
  • Simple design
  • Heel for lift
  • 21 different colors and patterns for every type of personality
  • The insole is not removable
  • Price is a little higher than other brands


Best shoes for doctors would figure out the very question of your need. It would combine comfort and style.  It provides for balance and can improve your function. The reviewed list gives you a deep look what type of shoes suit and fits you.

If you are interested in searching of more types You could also read best shoes for retail workers.